The International Center for Long-Term Care Innovation

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Part One of a Three Part Series
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The International Center for Long-Term Care Innovation is located in Louisville, Kentucky, among the city’s cluster of healthcare businesses. I had the opportunity to speak with John Reinhardt, President and CEO of the Innovation Center, about it’s structure, mission, and research.
The Center works in partnership with
The purpose of the LTC Innovation Center, according to Reinhardt, is to improve the quality of care and of life for residents. The collaboration of service providers and researchers allows for an exchange of ideas. Researchers hear from those in the field what needs to be studied and improved upon, and the products of the research can be tested within the many facilities owned by Signature.
Projects include a multi-sensory room to connect via sound and touch with people with late-stage dementia, and auto-hydration furniture to combat dehydration, described as a refrigerated table that dispenses liquid.
Teamwork is essential in long-term care, and the International Center for Long-Term Care Innovation creates a higher level team, partnering researchers, businesses, and service providers. Below, John Reinhardt with team members.