Skype Yourself into Care Plan Meetings

Posted by Dr. El - May 24, 2010 - Business Strategies, Communication, Customer service, Engaging with families, Technology - 3 Comments

For families with hectic schedules, trying to attend Care Plan Meetings, which occur during daytime work hours, can be a major challenge. Of course they don’t want to miss the opportunity to meet with the whole treatment team to provide and gather information, and to advocate for their loved one. On the other hand, taking time from work and other obligations may prevent even the most dedicated family member from being able to show up for this very important meeting. Using the free Skype or another video call option would allow family members to be present from almost anywhere — even halfway across the world.
For nursing homes, offering families the option to Skype into Care Plan Meetings shows their understanding of the challenges faced by family members and their dedication to customer service. It highlights their commitment to providing the best possible care for the residents, which includes facilitating the ability of families to be part of the treatment team. And did I mention it’s free?