Sick Days

Posted by Dr. El - February 16, 2011 - Anecdotes, Personal Reflections - 10 Comments

I’ve been sick almost a week.  Nothing major, but I’ve had to stay home from work.  Completing everyday tasks has felt like swimming through jello, and once I’ve finished them I’ve had to lie down to rest.  My lack of productivity has been incredibly frustrating.  It would be easy to fall into a depression.  And this is from a week of sub-par health.

I think about my residents, dealing day after day and year after year with poor health and the losses associated with it.  I’m always impressed by the effort they, along with their aides, put into getting up and ready for the day, maybe heading to an activity.  But this week, my admiration has been renewed.  This post is for you.  I swam through jello to get it up here.