Artwork by Vivian Mae Treadwell Baker, Age 82, NY Nursing Home Resident

Posted by Dr. El - May 5, 2009 - For Fun, Inspiration - 9 Comments

Vivian Mae Treadwell Baker was born in Huntingon, NY in 1927. She’s proud to be part Shinnecock Indian. She was in foster care from the age of seven until she rejoined her family at 17 years old. Ms. Baker supported herself throughout her life with housekeeping and work in factories, the post office, and a bank. The artwork she created in the community was lost during her transition to the nursing home. These are watercolors she made while a nursing home resident.


See also Update on Vivian Mae Treadwell Baker and Vivian Mae Treadwell Baker, 1927-2009.


  • Dale Carter says:

    Thank you so much for sharing about this woman’s life and her wonderful artwork. It’s life-affirming. I hope you do more posts like this.

  • Sue Samek says:

    Wow! Vivian has been holding out on me, I’m going to have to talk to her. We also have something besides art in common, I grew up in Huntington.

  • Dr. Eleanor Barbera says:

    Thanks, Dale, for your support and enthusiasm. I was shocked to discover these treasures in a bedside drawer, and I’m thrilled the artist was willing to bring them to light.


  • Dr. Eleanor Barbera says:

    I know, Sue, and it makes me wonder who else might be holding out on their talents. Surely there are some writers for the newsletter committee, or singers, or comedians, knitters, sewers, and who-knows-what. Time for a talent show? Or, since there are more watercolors, a Vivian Mae Treadwell Baker art show?


  • Mary Nix says:

    Dr. Barbera,

    I think a talent show would be fabulous!


  • jessica says:

    i love these. she is beautiful. the work is beautiful.

  • Dr. Eleanor Barbera says:

    Thanks, Mary and Jessica, I'll pass along your comments. The artist will be pleased.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you all very much. It's very encouraging.

    Vivian Mae Treadwell Baker

  • Anonymous says:

    My moms family were originally Shinnecock Native American. Mrs Vivian Mae Treadwell Baker looks like my family. I would like the chance to learn more about her. Please contact me at

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